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Coming in 2024


An "A2B" platform to uplift the participation of women from diverse backgrounds
while leveraging the power of business to unlock opportunities for good.

About SheAspires

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A Platform for Women to Shine

Standard Chartered and Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) proudly presents SheAspires A2B Initiative, a pioneering platform that celebrates and empowers the diverse strengths and potentials of women across different walks of life. United by a shared mission to break through unconscious bias and other barriers that may hold women back at transformative life stages, we are joining forces to harness the power of business to amplify the personal, professional, and entrepreneurial growth of those seeking a supportive push. SheAspires is not just a platform – it is a movement, paving way for new role models in a city that cherishes diversity, where every woman can shine in her unique brilliance.

Our "A2B" Philosophy

Access to Business

Bridging the opportunity gap

scholarships and business opportunities to jumpstart her entrepreneurial initiatives, from mentoring, job placements to market access

Action to Breakthrough

Bridging the capability gap

tailored support and growth pathways to build build new skills through a curated fellowship programme for 20 talents per year

Aspiration to Believe

Bridging the motivation gap

co-learning circles and experience sharing to build exposure to diverse role models and family-work-life possibilities

Target Participants

For our 2024 cohort, we are looking for 100 women motivated to become better versions of themselves, piloting with the two following groups:


Motivated Mothers

who have left the workforce for 5+ years

Image by Mimi Thian

Young Working Female

who have less than 5 years of work experience

Key Features

Image by Floriane Vita

Business Collective

Pooling business resources as a platform for impact

Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Community Fellowship

Providing tailored support for not less than 20 talents per year


Public Advocacy

Creating a paradigm shift and celebrating diverse women role models

Co-funding and co-learning

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Sharing

Corporate-Community Mentorships

Celebration of Diverse Female Role Models

Platform Convenor

Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) is a for purpose organisation founded in 2007 that is dedicated to innovating social change for Hong Kong’s urban social issues. It focuses on inventing, incubating and investing in sustainable and innovative social business solutions. SVhk is committed to mainstreaming impact value creation through its "2030: New Urban" visions, which calls for all Hong Kongers to daringly envision a better future for Hong Kong and start creating solutions for the challenges we see today.

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In Partnership with Standard Chartered
Be part of the SheAspires movement

Thanks for your interest in joining the SheAspires movement! Our team will follow-up with you.

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